Quick Tub

$995.00 Installed

Installation, shipping, training, and sales tax included
(plus 3% When using a Credit Card)
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Convert your existing tub to a step-in shower
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  • Accessing the bathtub is difficult or not possible
  • The risk of slipping and falling has increased
  • Living independently has become increasingly difficult
  • Little disposable income for modifying the existing environment
  • Full bathroom renovation wait or turnaround times can be lengthy and can have a significant impact on the intended user
  • Moving to a new location or moving to a care facility or retirement home is not feasible
  • Facilities requiring modifications to attract new clients with accessibility needs
  • Other products don’t provide the same bang for your buck – government or
    other funding cannot be maximized


Bathroom accessibility, so simple.

The complete line of Quick Tub inserts can convert ANY existing bathtub into a fully accessible shower. This simple product is the quickest and most affordable option for reducing slips and falls when showering.


  • Reductions of up to 12” in step through height
  • Aids in slip and fall safety
  • Smooth surfaces make cleaningeasier and better resembles your bathtub’s finish
  • All inserts are fully compatible withour Quick Tub Cap which allows for instantaneous changes from shower to fully functional bathtub and back

QUICK TUB CAP (optional)

Still want to take a bath? No problem. The patented Quick Tub Cap lets you convert back to a fully functional bathtub in only seconds. This lightweight product (often referred to as a door) maintains full use of your bathtub for both a shower and a bath. Nothing to install, just drop it in place, close the handles and you’re ready to go. The zinc cast and chromed handles make securing or opening the cap as simple as it gets. Guaranteed not to leak.

Additional cost for the Tub Cap

We start with your existing tub

We add an insert to your existing tub

With the optional removable Tub Cap, you can still take baths

Easily remove the Tub Cap to step into the shower

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